• July 16, 2024

Matthew Fleeger Leads Gulf Coast Western Towards Community Support

Matthew Fleeger’s Gulf Coast Western is not just a leader in the oil and gas industry but also a pillar of community support and philanthropic leadership. Committed to making a positive impact beyond business, the company actively engages in charitable endeavors and supports causes that uplift society. One of Gulf Coast Western’s core values is…

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TechTock Spotlight: How Tom Keane’s Visionary Leadership Launched Microsoft Azure into the Stratosphere

Tom Keane, a seasoned Microsoft executive with over 21 years of experience, has been the driving force behind the global adoption and engineering of Microsoft Azure, the company’s trailblazing cloud computing platform. Throughout his tenure, Keane navigated many challenges, including regulatory hurdles, legal issues, and compliance concerns related to digital sovereignty in complex, large-scale markets…

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