• June 29, 2022


It is common to come across inspirational success stories about individuals such as Richard Liu Qiangdong, who started with nothing and became successful. Richard’s success story is amazing, to say the least. His story begins Changa’an, a small village consisting of poor citizens practicing small-scale farming. Liu’s family contributed a lot to shaping his character, passion, and determination. The traditional lifestyle of the Changa’an village also helped Richard understand the importance of teamwork, quality, and dedication.

Liu Qiangdong began showing his entrepreneurship skills from a very tender age and it was until he joined the prestigious Renmin University that he started putting his ideas to practice. He opened up a restaurant that lasted less than a year, he trusted his partners too much and they took advantage of his trust. Liu has always been admired and loved, Richard has that thing that attracts people to him, this is also another important part of his life success.

It is almost impossible to convince anyone that he is now worth over fifteen billion dollars. By first undertaking Sociology and later on majoring in Computer programming, Liu’s education accompanied by his unique character led to the success of his retail enterprises. Richard Liu began by selling magneto-optical products such as CD ROMs, and it wasn’t until long before he realized the power of E-commerce.

He is on the Forbes list as one of the “World’s Greatest Leaders”, and he participates in public speaking events like the World Economic Forum, an annual conference that is held in Davos, Switzerland. As the dedicated CEO of JD.com, he works as a delivery person for the company one day out of each year.

Liu’s success story has become an inspiration to most Chinese citizens and people all over the world. He has come so far but his character has not changed, Liu is still the same person he was when he started; humble, dedicated, and passionate about what he does. Visit this page for additional information.


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