• June 29, 2022

Hughes Marino CEO’ Take on Work Resumption: A Commercial lease accounting CEO

After two years of the coronavirus pandemic, work and general life have changed. People are now settling into the new life of socializing, adapting to the pandemic’s measures and the work-life. However, as at Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm, work resumption in a diverse office environment is still uncertain. 


A majority of business owners want the workforce working full-time at least from Monday to Friday to use the office space whose rent is paid. At Hughes Marino, others target an adaptable and updated method of using the office space, caring for the workmates as well as getting back to the offices. Hughes Marino CEO says that he has been in the property business for over 33 years.


He adds that he has witnessed a lot ranging from natural phenomena, economic downturns, and convenient times, to upgraded technology. In addition, the workforce will succeed when based at the office, unlike the remote settings. Jason from Hughes Marino believes that life is fast changing and the offices demonstrate that transformation. Therefore, he provides some insights that can help others navigate the office returns as well as the coming days.


Hughes Marino CEO states that all geographic markets are distinct and they have certain nuances depending on the sectors and the usable office space. All business leaders should assess this aspect after COVID-19 when creating a plan that fits all the business demands and those of the team. For instance, in San Diego at Hughes Marino, some ventures are experiencing changes in occupancy and rental charges, but the suburban ones are performing well just like the case in many cities across the country.