• June 29, 2022

Doug Haynes, President of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion at UCI

Doug HaynesThe first year in the head coaching position for Doug Haynes was challenging. With only eight players on his roster, Haynes has had to adjust to a new system. But that hasn’t stopped him from making some impressive coaching decisions. His roster includes Kelly Waleska, a sophomore co-captain who averaged 3.3 points as a freshman but has doubled her scoring this season. Haynes, a Rhode Island native, says he’s thrilled about the opportunity to serve the University of Hartford.

After earning his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University, Mr. Haynes spent several years working in engineering and software development, broadening his technical knowledge. His interest in business grew after graduation, and he attended the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia, earning a William M. Shermet Scholarship. Haynes credits his education for shifting his career from engineering to management consulting. The prestigious Darden Graduate School of Business has named him a Dean’s Fellow.

While pursuing his career, Doug Haynes remains active in the philanthropic sector. He supports causes ranging from education to veterans. He has founded numerous startups and served as a board member at several companies. Camp Southern Ground, an all-in-one workspace, and ChainIQ, a Swiss logistics supplier, are just a few of the many organizations he supports. He is also a member of the Robin Hood Foundation. His wife, Laurice, is an inventor of Functional Mobility and T2X Rehabilitation.

The UCI Office of Diversity provides programming and resources to promote inclusion across the university. His office is the director of UCI’s ADVANCE program, which earned the American Historical Association’s institutional equity award. Haynes has worked with school deans, divisional deans, and academic units to advance diversity. Haynes said he was proud to lead UCI in its leadership role, and the university aspires to become a national leader in inclusive excellence.

Professor Haynes joined the faculty at UCI in 1994 and has published extensively in the field of history. He has authored several books including Imperial Medicine: Patrick Manson and the Conquest of Tropical Disease. He has also served as the inaugural director of the Global Cultures undergraduate program. His scholarship has impacted the lives of many. He is widely published and continues to be involved in a variety of research.

The founder of Flight Schools, Dr. Doug Haynes, is an African American with a Ph.D. in aeronautical engineering. He was the youngest person to become a certified tristate pilot. Haynes’ first career included working for the Combs Gates Lear-jet Company. After graduating from college, he began studying aerospace science full-time and received a scholarship for athletics. His flying experience expanded his formal knowledge of aerospace science. He was also able to fly small airplanes and high-speed aircraft, including corporate jets.

Before becoming president of Point72, Doug Haynes led a global investment firm and restored an inventor’s SEC license. In the end, Haynes returned to his consulting career and advised other executives. However, he never knew he could work with such partners and clients as these. Despite his experience, he’s now serving the unique needs of business leaders with his own firm. The executive team at Point72 praised the company’s leadership during the family office phase, as well as during its international expansion.