• February 4, 2023

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Giving Heart

Christopher Terry is a well-known philanthropist, speaker, and author. He is also the founder and of IM Academy, an online school founded in 2015 that teaches students the skills needed to become successful social media influencers. Chris has a passion for helping others and has begun his mission of teaching the right skills to children…

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Yubo Backs Gen Z's Most Important Causes

Yubo understands that market demand changes with each new generation. Baby boomers, for example, choose high-value commodities, while teenagers prefer those that are economical and easy to access. Since Gen Z is advancing to be the most significant consumers, most companies see the need to support the change in social behavior. Gen Z consists of…

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Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy

Fulfilling Chris Terry revolves around providing values and educating people through IM academy. Providing value and leaving others with the impression of increase were philosophies he tried to instill into every student who joined IM Academy. According to Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder, give without expecting any reward unless something comes back to you.…

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